On February 14, 2012, the Court issued the following ORDER directing legal guardians for Class Members to communicate to each Class Member his or her entitlement to settlement funds and the settlement funds are to be used for “fun stuff” for the Class Member.  The Order also requires legal guardians to provide the Court with a follow-up letter in approximately one year’s time, documenting how the settlement money was expended.

On December 1, 2011, the Federal District Court for the District of Minnesota finally approved a Class Action Settlement in the federal lawsuit entitled  Jensen, et. al vs.  Minnesota Department of Human Services, et. al., Court File No.: 09-CV-1775 DWF/FLN. Final Approval Order for Stipulated Class Action Settlement Agreement

The documents from this Class Action Settlement are available in pdf form by double clicking on the title of the document set forth below.  Please contact Shamus O’Meara, Class Counsel, at 952-806-0438 or SPO@OLWKLAW.com should you require these documents in alternative format:

February 14, 2012 Order


Apportionment Order


Final Approval Order for Stipulated Class Action Settlement Agreement


Settlement Agreement


Settlement Agreement Attachment A


Settlement Agreement Attachment B and D


Settlement Agreement Attachment C


Notice of Pendency and Proposed Settlement of Class Action  (Signed June 24, 2011; Exhibit 1 to Settlement Agreement)


Request for Exclusion (“Opt Out”) (Exhibit 2 to Settlement Agreement)


Claim Form  (Exhibit 3 to Settlement Agreement)


Hearing Order (Signed June 23, 2011; Exhibit 4 to Settlement Agreement)


Stipulation for Final Order, Final Order and Judgment (Exhibit 5 to Settlement Agreement)


June 20, 2011 Letter to Hon. Donovan Frank (from Ken Kohnstamm, Attorney General’s Office, on behalf of all parties, explaining settlement agreement)


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