Education Law

Experience counts

Our Education Law Group offers decades of collective experience in representing school districts in all aspects of education law. Our clients are varied, yet each values our experience and innovation in achieving goals, and guiding clients to effective decisions. We deliver by adhering to our mission of Relationships, Reliability and Results®.



We are trusted counsel in Minnesota and regionally. From employees and administrators to school boards, districts and corporate counsel, every client of our Education Law Practice Group is treated with the same commitment to quality representation and personalized service.

Our reputation for listening to our clients’ needs and respecting their concerns has lead to strong legal advocacy and positive resolutions. We partner with our clients to tackle complicated matters in an efficient and professional manner. Attorneys in our Education Law Group can often resolve disputes before a lawsuit is even commenced. In fact, that’s our proven strategy and always an initial consideration. But we’re not just experienced litigators. We also provide professional and innovative solutions for our clients’ transactional needs, including employment matters, construction projects, contractual negotiations, real estate, and school policies.


Reliability means continually moving your matter towards resolution and finality as efficiently as possible and always respecting an agreed-upon strategy. The Education Law Practice Group of O’Meara, Leer Wagner and Kohl, P.A. recognizes school districts and school communities need for dependable legal advice on complex issues. As part of our mission, we focus on reliability by steadfastly maintaining communication and fostering a cooperative approach to reach sensible solutions. Reliability is our fulfillment of your expectation of candor, understandable explanations, and accessibility.


Our skills and proficiencies draw from decades of experience in administrative forums, state and federal district and appellate courts, mediations, arbitrations and alternative dispute proceedings. There is no substitute for preparation. We can assist you in negotiations, trials, appeals and other areas.

Our goal is to work with you to obtain the best possible result.