Minnesota Court of Appeals issues pair of unpublished insurance coverage decisions to close out 2015, siding with the insured (in part) in one and the insurer in the other.

First, in Swanny of Hugo, Inc. v. Integrity Mut. Ins. Co., the Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed a jury award of roughly $860,000 in consequential damages to an insured in a first-party property insurance dispute but also affirmed the district court’s post-trial denial of the insured’s claim for bad-faith costs.  In the second of the two cases, Dittel v. Farmers Ins. Exchange, the court of appeals affirmed the district court’s summary-judgment determination that an injured party’s claims against an alleged tortfeasor’s homeowner’s insurer were precluded by operation of an intentional-act exclusion in the insurer’s policy.  Read more here.

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