General and Commercial Liability

The law has become highly specialized and O'Meara Wagner, P.A. provides litigation services in many specialized areas. Many areas of litigation, however, do not fall into neat categories.

Litigation is what we know. Litigation is what we do. Attorneys in our General Liability Group are experienced in cases involving such wide ranging matters as premises liability, loss of livestock, assaults in taverns, and losses taking place at commercial sites.

Our attorneys possess extensive experience representing clients in state and federal Courts, as well as in alternative forms of dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation. The depth and breadth of our General Liability Group provide a wealth of expertise resulting in successful resolutions through verdict or settlement in many multi-million dollar claims. Thorough knowledge of legal procedure, familiarity with judges and juries in all parts of the state in both federal and state courts, excellent speaking and writing skills, and technological support make our General Litigation Group the right choice for your litigation needs. 

Minnesota Supreme Court finds Medicaid Discounts are an Exception to Collateral-Source Offsets to Jury Awards

Recently, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided Getz v. Peace, --- N.W.2d ---, A18-0121 (Minn. Oct. 16, 2019), and affirmed the...

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Deal or No Deal? Wisconsin Court of Appeals Throws Out Mediated Settlement Agreement

The facts of Paul R. Ponfil Trust v. Charmoli Holdings, LLC , 2018-AP-1321, 2019 WL 4463459 (Wis. Ct. App. Sept. 18, 2019) ,...

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Minnesota Supreme Court to Decide Whether Minn. Stat. § 604.02, subd. 1 Applies in Workplace Injury Cases

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in Fish v. Ramler Trucking, Inc. , A18-0143, in which the court will...

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