Our Firm

Relationships. Reliability. Results.® It seems like a simple combination – common sense in fact. Another way to say it is: we guide our clients to effective decisions.

When selecting a guide, a number of things come to mind: Trust, Experience and Arriving at Your Destination. O'Meara Wagner, P.A. has been trusted to guide clients to effective decisions in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest for 50 years. The structure of our firm started in 1973. Over the years, colleagues have come and gone, the size of the firm has ebbed and flowed, and the name of the firm has been modified, but building client relationships to obtain reliable results has always been at the forefront of our practice. 

Like our Firm history, our client relationships often last for decades, and span a multitude of areas. We are regularly honored by our peers as the best in the industry. Our track record in business, commercial, Workers’ Compensation and insurance-related litigation is unparalleled, and has shaped the law.

Extraordinary relationships, reliability and results® guide our clients' decisions in retaining counsel. Here's how we deliver:


Relationships are personal and lasting. To us, each client is a team member and a strategist.  We also treat all persons involved in the legal process with integrity and respect because that is who we are.

Close client relationships give our work an added dimension and a critical advantage. Because we know our clients well, our strategies are more effective, our work is more efficient, and our clients get the best possible results.

Personal connections create a comfortable environment for attorneys and clients alike. The outcome: clients value the relationship and stay with our firm.


Reliability is consistent, attentive. Clients count on us for peace of mind. From tough challenges to routine tasks, our clients know the job will be done right.

They have good reason to be confident. Our team includes attorneys rated by Martindale-Hubbell™ as "the height of professional excellence," and attorneys designated as ‘Super Lawyers’ by their peers. Our legal aptitude is surpassed only by our dedication to client service.  Questions are answered promptly, work is done efficiently, and fees are fair. Knowledgeable and professional; honest and accessible; we work hard to earn - and keep - each client's trust.


Proactive, practical guidance creates results.  Our clients are always ready for "what's next” because we are proactive and know “what’s around the bend.”  Although our attorneys are often recognized for their experience and expertise, it is their steadfast focus on the future that sets our firm apart.

In the courtroom or out, every case has an action plan - a clear, efficient strategy for achieving our clients' goals.  Whether we are working towards settlement, preparing for trial, or successfully steering clear of litigation, every risk is assessed and every move is carefully designed to deliver proactive, practical results.

We Guide our Clients to Effective Decisions