Shamus P. O'Meara

Shamus P. O'Meara


Shamus O’Meara represents and guides a diverse group of clients from multinational corporations to emerging businesses, school districts and educational institutions, employers, risk managers and families. He serves as a mediator and arbitrator for construction, commercial and educational disputes, and as an expert witness and consultant for school and business safety and liability matters.

Shamus represents owners, contractors and other parties involved in the construction process. He negotiates and handles all aspects of construction contract placement, public and private bidding, insurance and bonding issues, coordinates with various construction professionals, and handles claims and litigation involving construction projects.

Shamus represents clients in all areas of education law. He has worked with the U.S. and Minnesota Departments of Education, U.S. Attorneys Office, Secret Service, FBI, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, school districts, and many state and national education organizations to promote safety awareness and crisis management in schools and on campuses.

Shamus has considerable board and leadership experience in the areas of school safety, business management, and legal defense. He also advocates for greater independence, self-determination and access to justice for people with developmental disabilities and their families. He has been recognized as a Minnesota Lawyer Attorney of the Year and Minnesota Super Lawyer, and is rated AV Preeminent by his peers for excellent legal abilities and professional ethics.
•  American Arbitration Association - Construction and Commercial Arbitrator; Large Case Panel 

•  American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry 

•  Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association (Past Director, Founding Chair, Construction Law Committee) 

•  Minnesota Construction Association 

•  National Council of School Attorneys (Past Director) 

•  Minnesota Council of School Attorneys 

•  Minnesota School Boards Association Disaster Response Team 

•  Minnesota Legislative Advisory Task Force on School and Emergency Management (2006) 

•  Minnesota State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (Past Chair) 

•  Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (Past Chair) 

•  Disability Justice (Past President) 

•  Saint Paul RiverCentre Convention & Visitors Authority (Past Director, Founding Co-Chair) 

•  Minnesota Indoor Air Association (Past Director)


  • Minnesota Super Lawyer, Minnesota Law & Politics (2006 - 2019)
  • The Arc Minnesota 2012 Public Policy Award
  • Attorney of the Year, Minnesota Lawyer (2005)
  • Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice
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