Work place accidents do not happen in a vacuum.  They can involve multiple legal arenas, resulting in a mix of laws and courts.  This can involve defending the employer in District Court on an Employer Liability claim to seeking to recover Workers’ Compensation benefits paid from liable third party. Our attorneys have years of experience prosecuting and defending subrogation cases.


Minnesota Workers' Compensation Subrogation

Follow the link to read the Workers' Compensation Subrogation Guide written by Shamus O'Meara . 

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Minnesota Court of Appeals defines who is an “insured” for purposes of Minn. Stat. § 60A.41(a) subrogation bar

In Minnesota, an insurer is prohibited by statute from subrogating against its “insured” for a loss caused by the...

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The Common Enterprise Defense is Alive and Well, But Still Not Without Limits

OLWK Attorneys Brian McSherry and Lance Meyer recently co-authored an article regarding the Minnesota Supreme Court's decision...

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