Employer Liability

Injuries in the workplace can involve problems well beyond workers’ compensation law.

Work injuries sometimes involve issues of employer liability resulting from claims asserted against employers by parties to civil lawsuits brought by the injured employee. Our Employer Liability Group defends employers when claims and litigation arise from work-related injuries, slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents, construction projects, premises liability and other issues.

Working closely with our clients and insurers, third-party administrators and investigators to comprehensively evaluate the claims, we provide practical guidance while protecting legal interests. We coordinate and conduct on-site investigations, work with experts in a variety of disciplines, interview employees and others involved in the incidents, analyze OSHA and code compliance issues, lock out/tag out, safety and training policies, statutes, codes and regulations which control complex factual situations. When our work is completed, we have not only solved the problem at hand; we provide our clients with practical business advice they can use to avoid future claims.