Safety and Emergency Management

The diversity, severity and ever changing nature of security risks compels an active approach to emergency management using best practices and guidance to properly assess and mitigate risks, prepare for any hazard and effectively respond when a crisis occurs. Our lawyers have been through many crises with businesses and public officials, including school shootings, and providing comprehensive guidance for Effective Emergency Management.  Shamus O’Meara has worked with state and national departments of education, mental health and law enforcement agencies to promote safety and violence prevention in schools and on campuses.  He presents nationally on school safety and emergency management topics, and serves as a safety and emergency management consultant and expert witness for educational institutions, public entities and businesses, reviewing crisis plans and providing recommendations and counsel involving claims and litigated matters.   

Our lawyers have broad experience handling investigations and providing effective representation involving OSHA matters, natural disasters, fires and explosions, collapse, and other crises.  We work with your team to facilitate appropriate crisis response, forensic support, evidence retention and legal guidance.