Employer Liability

Employer Liability

Workplace injuries often involve complicate employer liability issues that reach beyond workers’ compensation law and that can include multiple parties and issues.

Employers and other parties can become entangled in civil lawsuits commenced by their employees against other parties.  Our Employer Liability Group has deep experience defending and guiding employers involved in claims and lawsuits arising from work injury accidents, motor vehicle collisions, construction projects, products, and other personal injury issues.

We work closely with our clients and their insurers and administrators to properly investigate, analyze and provide practical guidance for the protection of our clients.  We coordinate and conduct on-site investigations, facilitate proper response, evidence retention, coordinate and interact with experts in a variety of disciplines, interview employees and others involved in the incidents, analyze OSHA and code compliance issues, lock out/tag out, safety and training policies, as well as statutes, codes and regulations which control complex factual situations. When our work is completed, we have not only solved the problem at hand; we provide our clients with practical business advice they can use to avoid future claims.

Strategic Partnering With the Employer in a Work Injury Case

The Employer's "Waive and Walk" Rights in Minnesota 

Minnesota Workers' Compensation Subrogation 


The Common Enterprise Defense is Alive and Well, But Still Not Without Limits

OLWK Attorneys Brian McSherry and Lance Meyer recently co-authored an article regarding the Minnesota Supreme Court's decision...

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Minnesota Supreme Court Solidifies Common-Enterprise Doctrine with Ruling in Favor of Third Party

This week, the Minnesota Supreme Court held in Kelly v. Kraemer Construction, Inc., A15-1751 , that a general contractor hired...

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Minnesota Court of Appeals Rejects Employer’s Attempt to Recoup Amounts Paid to Third Parties Due to Employee’s Negligence

On March 20, the Minnesota Court of Appeals published an opinion affirming a district court's ruling barring an employer from...

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