Staying a step ahead, our attorneys provide strategic guidance throughout the appellate process.

In complex commercial litigation, cases are often decided not before the district court but on appeal.  It is therefore imperative to have seasoned appellate counsel on board throughout the life of a case.  Whether defending a favorable lower court ruling or seeking to overturn an unfavorable ruling, your success on appeal will often depend on trial counsel’s preservation of issues and arguments for appeal and appellate counsel’s ability to clearly and concisely present such issues and arguments to the appellate court.  The attorneys in our Appellate Practice Group have extensive experience in both respects.  We frequently consult on appellate issues at the district court level and have handled numerous appeals in both state and federal court.  When it comes down to crunch time, our attorneys have the necessary understanding of the appellate courts before which we appear, including their members, procedures, and standards of review, and the written and oral advocacy skills to successfully pursue or defend your case on appeal.  

Our attorneys have also been retained by nonparties to file amicus curiae briefs with appellate courts on issues that are likely to have an impact beyond the parties to a particular case.  We have appeared on behalf of “friends of the court” in more than a dozen cases to help shape the law in a number of different contexts. 

Minnesota Supreme Court to Decide Whether Minn. Stat. § 604.02, subd. 1 Applies in Workplace Injury Cases

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently heard oral argument in Fish v. Ramler Trucking, Inc. , A18-0143, in which the court will...

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Minnesota Courts Continue to Grapple with Pre-Appraisal-Award Interest Claims Post-Poehler

Two years ago, in Poehler v. Cincinnati Insurance Company , 899 N.W.2d 135 (2017) , the Minnesota Supreme Court extended...

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Application of Construction Contract Subrogation Waiver Over Statutory and Exculpatory Challenges

Subrogation waivers remain enforceable in the construction context in Wisconsin.  In Rural Mut. Ins. Co. v. Lester...

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