Toxic and Mass Tort

Not long ago, toxic tort actions were limited to specific environmental exposures such as asbestos or chemical contaminants. Times have changed, and so have the claims in toxic tort and mass exposure cases. Exponential increases in verdicts and awards, and the threat of even more insidious exposures, have significantly expanded toxic tort claims.

O’Meara Wagner, P.A. has represented clients in toxic and mass tort litigation since the early days of asbestos claims. We continue to represent a wide variety of clients in traditional mass exposure cases. We focus on the key issues facing our clients in these cases: the nature and characteristics of the contaminant of concern, the exposure and dose-response relationship, and the viability of the claimant’s scientific and medical theories in light of the court’s expert admissibility standard. Our approach results in efficient and cost-effective case management for the client.

We apply these same principles to new and emerging toxic and mass tort cases. Personal injury and property damage claims involving mold, food contamination, silica and other contaminants are proving to be just as challenging as the more traditional cases. We have been as successful in effectively and efficiently defending these emerging claims as in more traditional cases. Simply put, we understand the cases and the concepts. We can help you find your way through the maze.