Employment disputes are personal; they often involve individuals once considered part of your business family. Our Employment Law Group handles breach of contract disputes, severance negotiations, all forms of discrimination claims, and other emerging employment and labor claims.

O’Meara Wagner, P.A. understands employment law because we are not only lawyers, but employers. We understand our business is the law and yours is not. The best way to avoid employment litigation is to call us early. We use our common sense approach to help deal with employment issues before they become lawsuits. We know every employment issue is unique. Our attorneys consult with you to develop solutions that match your objectives and philosophy. If litigation is necessary, our clients become our strategic partners. Our lawyers have handled employment disputes from both sides; we know the advantages and disadvantages of each side of an employment case.

Let us handle the problems so you can go back to work. 

Enhanced Disclosures, Recordkeeping, and Possible Criminal Sanctions: What Employers and Employees Should Know About Minnesota's New Wage Theft Law Now in Effect

A series of legislative amendments was passed in May 2019 creating Minnesota’s new Wage Theft Law. The civil component of the...

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