Medicare Compliance

In personal injury litigation of all types, damages frequently include past and future medical expenses.  When a claimant is a Medicare beneficiary, the federal government expects any medical-related funds received by the beneficiary to be exhausted on Medicare-covered medical expenses and not, for example, on a trip to the Bahamas. While in theory a simple concept, in practice the federal rules and regulations create a complex set of issues and procedures which all parties to a lawsuit must navigate in order to avoid penalties, interest, and double damages.  

Our Medicare Compliance Group guides our clients through Medicare’s extensive recovery process for past medical payments and Section 111 Mandatory Insurer Reporting of cases involving Medicare beneficiaries, provides legal advice regarding Medicare Set-Aside Trusts, and facilitates the settlement process where Medicare has an interest. 

Update on Government Shutdown and CMS

As explained in our last update, CMS contractors continue to operate while funded.  Unfortunately, CMS employees working on...

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Federal Government Shutdown & Medicare Secondary Payer

Medicare Secondary Payer Contractors Continue to Operate For Now The Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor, the...

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