Liquor Liability

We know bars, restaurants and liquor stores enjoy serving their customers, but they don’t relish being served with notice of a dram shop claim or civil lawsuit. 

For over 30 years, our lawyers have provided liquor establishments with the services they need to succeed in Minnesota’s heavily regulated marketplace. We’ve learned the best defense to a liquor liability claim is prevention, so we lecture and give seminars to lawyers, claim representatives and liquor establishment employees about the proactive steps they can take to preclude claims.

When claims do arise, we are ready to offer our clients legal advice and litigation services. We learn about their operation, from the back of the bar to the front door. We learn about their clientele and employees. The relationships we have developed with our clients enable us to successfully handle and try hundreds of liquor liability cases, from assault and battery claims to allegations of illegal sales to minors and obviously intoxicated persons.

Not every claim should go to trial, so our lawyers use their experience to successfully settle cases when they need to be settled, often saving establishments and their insurers tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, some cases should go to trial, for a variety of reasons. Our attorneys have obtained favorable verdicts for liquor establishments and their insurers in rural and urban courtrooms throughout Minnesota.

If you face a liquor liability claim, make us your first call, not your last call.