Premises Liability

Icy sidewalks, animals, steps, children: Simple things in life, taken for granted, can lead to potential liabilities.

Our Premises Liability Group represents personal, insurance and business clients in matters involving injuries occurring on business and personal property. These injuries often result from slip and fall accidents, assaults, animal attacks, or flaws in property design. Our clients include national hotels, resorts, nightclubs, personal and homeowner’s insurers, schools, apartment complexes and commercial enterprises.

Our experience and skill result in reliable, successful and cost-effective solutions to premises liability cases. As counselors, we provide our clients with solutions to their immediate concerns and recommend proactive steps to ensure compliance with regulations to prevent or minimize future risks and losses. As litigators, we promise an aggressive and comprehensive defense of the interests of our clients relying on our expertise in duties owed, applicable standards of care, privileges, immunities, and affirmative defenses provided by statute and common law.

Litigation success often includes successfully identifying additional coverage, third-party contribution and potential for subrogation. We review every claim for possible coverage and subrogation issues and potential for settlement.