Workers' Compensation

Employers of all sizes and types experience workers’ compensation claims, no matter how attuned they are to safety and risk management.

With fifteen attorneys, our Workers’ Compensation Group is one of Minnesota’s largest devoted to representing employers, insurers and self-insureds in workers’ compensation and workers’ compensation subrogation matters. Our clients include multinational corporations, medium and small businesses and government entities.

We recognize workers’ compensation cases do not occur in a vacuum and are frequently intertwined with employment and contract issues, and dynamics unique to each individual work force. In all cases, we collaborate with colleagues in O’Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl, P.A.’s other practice groups, with corporate counsel and with our clients to achieve the best result. As litigators, we promise our clients an aggressive and comprehensive defense of their interests. As counselors, we offer our clients creative solutions and recommend proactive steps to prevent and/or minimize future risks and losses.

Our clients rely on us because we are available and responsive. We maintain close communication with our clients. Of equal value, our clients know they can call us with general questions. We are accessible, we are responsive, and we are thorough.

The strength of our long-term relationships with our clients is reflected in effective case handling and outcomes. The relationships we develop and maintain with our clients allow us to have frank discussions with them when developing strategy and implementing defense recommendations. The results we achieve together solidify those relationships.