Shamus O’Meara Presents at National School Boards Association Annual Conference

Shamus O'Meara recently presented at the National School Boards Association Annual Conference in San Diego on the topic, School Safety and the Law: Keys to Responding to School Emergencies.  He also assisted the NSBA and Connecticut school communities following the school tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, and served as keynote presenter for the NSBA and Council of School Attorneys' national webinar, Planning for and Managing the School Crisis you Hope Never Comes. 

Shamus has been through many crises with public officials, including representing two Minnesota school districts involved with school shooting incidents..  He works with state and national departments of education, school boards associations, mental health and law enforcement agencies to promote safety and violence prevention in schools and on campuses.  He recently completed his second term on the National Council of School Attorneys Board of Directors.  In addition to representing school districts, Shamus serves as a school safety consultant and expert witness for educational institutions, conducts safety audits, reviews crisis management plans and policies and provides recommendations and testimony involving claims and litigated matters.